Ernesto Carrillo – Not Guilty

Ernesto Carrillo was charged with multiple serious charges, including Willful Cruelty, False Imprisonment, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon.  Ernesto was acquitted on all felony counts and released on credit-time-served.

Much of this case was won during in limine proceedings where the court barred the prosecution from showing the jury prejudicial, inadmissible things.  Arturo is a major contributor to California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine and makes heavy use of motions to ensure that his clients get fair trials.  Some of the motions filed in Ernesto’s case were nearly identical to ones Arturo contributed to  California Criminal Defense Motions in Liminebut with edits made by Attorney John Garner to make the motions specific to Ernesto’s case.  John Garner is an expert legal researcher who keeps up on the latest legal authorities to help defend the most difficult cases.